About Us

How it all started

The Komodo Crackers Company was established in 1965 by the late Mr. Soenarjo with his wife Mrs. Henny Tanty. Before Mr. Soenarjo founded the Komodo Crackers Company, he was inspired by his best friend who worked in the cracker product industry, which ultimately motivated him to create his own cracker company.

He chose the name Komodo because he was amazed by Komodo Dragon; a unique animal that only exists in Indonesia. We choose shrimp crackers as our main product because our company is located in Sidoarjo which is known for its quality shrimp. He also developed other products such as fish crackers and garlic crackers and shrimp paste.

How Our Products are Made

Komodo Crackers Company products are made from quality fresh shrimp and fish along with high-quality ingredients and spices developed by Mr. Soenarjo with Ms. Henny Tanty. The raw mixture is then steamed, and thinly sliced. It is then left in the sun to dry. After drying, the crackers are packaged and now ready to be fried to be served.

Komodo Crackers Company has continued to maintain the great taste and quality that Mr. Soenarjo and Mrs. Henny Tanty have kept since the beginning.

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